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Usoft Gaming Live Dealer Games Reviewed

About The Company

Usoft was founded in 2016 when the people behind the company realised that no one had combined slots and live gaming with porn so far, perhaps for a reason. If you are not prepared for an NSFW experience, then it’s probably best to choose another company. If you like mixing your vices then there is plenty to indulge in.

The company is registered in Curacao, and they have a full license from this jurisdiction to offer their games all around the world. They hold offices throughout the world, including Australia, USA and Europe. The main studios are located in Costa Rica, where they support plenty of tables for all sorts of games.

The controversies aside, looking at the technical qualities behind the products reveals a product that is of quite high quality. The company has plenty of tables, though they are concentrated on just four different games. When it comes to streaming video the company holds a massive network of servers, ready to stream HD quality picture without delays. 

Besides live casino games, the company also specialised in slots, where they ride along with the same theme. They are certainly unique in their own field, even if their product leaves nothing for the imagination. The games support multiple languages and multiple currencies.

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Quick Facts

Costa Rica

Tables Offered By Usoft Gaming

Though the company does not offer all that many games, they certainly have more than enough tables available for everyone. And what they have on their tables is something that no other live casino dealer provides.

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Live Blackjack

Standard 7-seat Live Blackjack uses 8 decks and allows an individual to occupy up to 3 seats. Blackjack pays 3:2 and the dealer stands on all 17s. Players can double down, split, and surrender on the two initial cards at the cost of half of their wager.

Insurance is offered if the dealer’s first card happens to be an Ace, costs half of the initial stake, and pays 2:1. Pre-decision function speeds the game up, while Smart Player feature warns you when your action is not aligned with the standard strategy and gives you a chance to change your mind.

The game offers 3 side bets, namely Perfect Pairs, Lucky 7, and Honey Bonus. Lucky 7 bet wins if the player’s first card is a 7, paying up to 500:1 depending on how many more 7s they get in a row and whether they’re suited or not.

Honey Bonus is based on a 3-card Poker hand or a suited Blackjack combination made with the dealer’s up card plus the player’s two initial cards. Simple game interface offers statistics of the last 10 rounds on the right-hand side, with betting controls positioned at the bottom along with buttons for accessing bet history and game rules.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette is a standard European variant with a single zero and special bets such as Finale En Plein, Snake bets and Splits. Video feed positioned on top offers either a frontal view of the dealer and the wheel, or a bird’s-eye view of the latter, depending on the player’s selection.

Table limits and statistics of last 500 spins are displayed on the right, while betting table occupies the lower half of the screen and can be presented in classic or Racetrack mode.

Players have the option to save their favourite bets or use bet building functionality to create new ones without the constraint of betting time limit. Live Zodiac Fortune is a single-zero Roulette with special bets on Zodiac signs and corresponding seasons, created for the benefit of astrology fans. The game features a vertical wheel with standard 37 numbered slots, along with 12 Zodiac sign sectors and 4 season sectors.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is a multiplayer game using 8 decks and a manual shoe. In addition to Banker Pair and Player Pair side bets, the game also features 2 Bonus bets – Sum Bonus and Tie Bonus. The latter allows one to bet on a 6-card Tie at 7, 8 or 9 (paying between 15:1 and 25:1), 5-card Tie at 3 (pays 50:1), or Miss By 1. Sum Bonus bet delivers up to 50:1 with payouts depending on the points total and number of cards dealt in that round.

The bet wins when the sum of Banker and Player hands scores lower than 5 or higher than 14. As regards to the interface, Live Baccarat is nearly identical to Live Blackjack. Readability of the cards is ensured via their digital images displayed in the top left corner.

Players can view 5 road maps, namely Big Road, Big Eye Boy, Small Road, Cockroach Pig and Bead Plate. Live Bet On Baccarat also accepts an unlimited number of players and plays according to standard rules, with one extra included. On top of Pairs side bet, participants are offered to place additional bets as cards are being drawn.

One can risk their chips on the number of cards dealt, their colour, and on whether they’ll be odd / even for the Banker or the Player. BetConstruct also provides Live Baccarat Speed for those who like their games playing super-fast, while a VIP table has been added to cater to high-rollers.

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Best Usoft Gaming Casinos

It’s not every casino that is interested in these products, and as such the games are not available everywhere. The casinos that do offer them are quite big players though and offer unique gaming in their own niche.

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Detailed Information On Usoft Gaming

Platform Overview

Usoft offers a product that comes with all the necessary technological innovations. Whether it’s from a desktop, laptop or even mobile device you are playing from the interface will function perfectly. As the video feed is limited to 720p at the moment, the games might best be played on mobile devices.

Though the interface doesn’t necessarily come with all the possible innovations, it does come with everything you need. This includes the ability to save your gaming history, which the casinos, in turn, can use to offer you specialised bonuses, VIP cashback as well as other promotions.

The company is not only an online provider, as rather surprisingly they also offer old-school terminal gaming via their selection of kiosks. To this, they can add an offering of white label solutions. As the company is relatively new, we expect their interface to improve. Though all the necessary functions are there, it wouldn’t hurt them to add other features, such as multi screen support.

Dealers at Usoft Gaming

This is arguably what Usoft Gaming is all about. They have no competitors in this field, other than Adult Entertainment producers. Even in that case, this is probably a day job for many who dabble in the world of porn. When you are looking at the slots you do get full nudity, and even some very graphic scenes.

The live casino games do not go quite that far. Still, it’s all about naked ladies as even the clothes are mostly see-through. If you do end up playing at one of these casinos, make sure to do so from a safe space, as the stream is definitely not safe for work or any other public space. There are options for not so revealing tables as well.

This controversial subject aside, the experience with Usoft live dealers is quite normal. Cheerful, knowledgeable and always ready to entertain. In that sense, the gaming experience is as good as it gets. 

What Sets Usoft Gaming Apart

Their niche sets them apart by a wide margin. This is akin to a trip back to the era of riverboat casinos full of dancing girls, though the end result is far more hardcore. The company remains a sole producer in this field. Other companies, of course, put a lot of effort into being visually pleasing. Companies such as BetFashionTV (insert link when available) take this even a step further but at the moment no other company uses what can be best described as soft-core porn (and even hardcore if you play their slots).

It’s quite clear that the audience is somewhat limited, as most people simply wish to enjoy casino gaming in its traditional format. And here is the Achilles heel of the company: that singular niche. They are not likely to become a major producer, not unless they manage to perfect their technology and other offerings. In this regard, most other live dealer companies have come up with much better solutions. Not that everything doesn’t run smoothly, it’s just there are hardly any extra options.

So what is the conclusion? Simply put, if you are into this then there is no reason not to play. If naked ladies aren’t the main attraction for you in live casino games, then there are plenty of other suppliers to choose from. 

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